Nov 20, 2023

How Medplace Solves a Unique Challenge for FQHC

How can FQHCs leverage Medplace to access fast, actionable reviews that drive the quality improvement they need to secure resources?

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) play a crucial role in providing accessible healthcare to underserved communities, serving over 30 million nationwide. As the front line of healthcare services, FQHCs often face unique challenges that demand innovative solutions. One solution is Medplace, a platform that addresses these challenges by offering fast and actionable clinical case and peer reviews.



Continuous Improvement with Timely Reviews

Because of their unique reimbursement model, FQHCs continuously improve their patient experience, clinical outcomes, and patient safety. However, achieving these goals requires timely and detailed oversight of patient encounters. Medplace steps in as a strategic partner to provide a solution by offering fast and thorough case and peer reviews, ensuring that FQHCs have access to experts who provide the necessary information to refine their care processes. With a turnaround time of 6 days or less, Medplace's experts give quality leaders much more insight into the facility's care than traditional reviews, which may take over 6 months. The platform's streamlined approach expedites the review process, enabling FQHCs to make informed decisions promptly.


Extending Expertise Beyond Internal Resources

FQHCs often operate with limited resources and might not have access to the breadth of expertise required for certain cases. Specialties in high demand for these facilities include:

  • Pediatrics
  • Adult Primary Care
  • Dental Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • Family Medicine

Medplace bridges this gap by connecting FQHCs with a network of over 700 medical experts across every specialty. This resource allows FQHCs to tap into specialized knowledge that may otherwise be beyond their internal capabilities. The ability to consult experts from different fields empowers FQHCs to deliver more comprehensive care improvement following adverse events and insight into more patient encounters.

However, conducting peer reviews can be a time-consuming process fraught with bias. Medplace streamlines this process with a platform that facilitates peer reviews efficiently to ensure your facility's compliance with HRSA regulations. Their team of RNs hand-select experts to provide thorough and actionable data without placing undue burden on internal staff.


Medplace as a Strategic Partner

Since resources may be a concern for many FQHCs, Medplace offers two peer review subscription plans to affordably drive quality improvement and reduce risk.

Readiness Review: Swift and Effective Preparedness

The Readiness Review subscription plan is a strategic choice for FQHCs seeking rapid and impactful solutions following adverse events or in preparation for surveys. At a cost of $500 per month, this plan includes four discounted reviews annually, yielding potential savings of up to 16%. With access to a network of over 700 medical experts across all specialties, FQHCs gain the ability to promptly receive crucial feedback and actionable reports. The Medplace platform facilitates this process with robust dashboards, efficient scheduling and communication tools, and a user-friendly rating system, ensuring a streamlined review experience. Should additional reviews be required, your organization can order them at the list price or upgrade your subscription.

Proactive Review: Economical Ongoing-Improvement

The Proactive Review plan is an ideal solution for FQHCs dedicated to going above and beyond regulatory patient safety requirements. Priced at $84 per month per provider, this plan includes access to two annual reviews. This continuous flow of feedback empowers healthcare teams to consistently deliver superior care, while Medplace's Proactive Review mechanism guarantees comprehensive analysis and insights. 

Ready to learn more about medical peer review? Read our new guide, Everything You Need to Know About Improving Medical Peer Review, or fill out the form below to get started with Medplace.


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Jerrod Bailey

Jerrod Bailey is the CEO of Medplace, an app built for healthcare, legal, and insurance industries to streamline their case and peer review processes. He holds over 20 years of experience in venture-backed technology companies and specializes in healthcare technology development and human-centered user experience design. Jerrod has helped launch over 100 technology start-ups, including corporate new ventures with American Express, Intel, and other notable names.

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