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Tell us your needed specialties and desired review cadence, and we'll set it all up.

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Log into Medplace and request your reviews on your schedule.

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Our platform and expert reviewers will do the rest. Get a report back in as little as 6 days.

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Choose Your Reviewer

Get 2-3 matches based on your specific needs. Need more options to choose from? No problem - we can provide additional matches at no cost.

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Use our form which is built using feedback from top hospitals or provide your own form.

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Use our platform's simple yet powerful built-in scheduling tool and popular video apps to speak to your reviewer anytime.

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Start using Medplace immediately with no complicated tech setup required.

Automatic Workflows

Leverage powerful workflows to streamline your peer review process.

Customizable Cadences Per Provider

Need bi-annual reviews? Quarterly? Monthly? Set each provider's review frequency as needed.

Easy Budgeting

Planning for peer review expenses doesn't have to be complicated. Add predictability to your budgeting process with clear, transparent pricing.

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The Easiest Thing You'll Do All Day.

Medplace works with FQHCs across the country and makes peer review the easiest thing risk and patient safety leaders do all day.

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Why Medplace for FQHCs?

Medplace is the industry's first platform and network of practicing providers that automates the process of completing peer reviews.

FQHCs have specific challenges, like having requirements for reviews, a lack of internal specialties, and limited resources. Medplace is a cost-effective and operationally efficient solution.

What is the right subscription plan for my FQHC?

Most FQHCs opt for quarterly or bi-annual reviews. Reach out to our Clinical Operations team, who can advise you on your specific situation.

How much do FQHC peer reviews cost?

Pricing varies based on (1) the cadence of your reviews - annual, bi-annual, or quarterly, and (2) the specialty of the reviewer. Medplace has six tiers of specialties ranging from Nurses to Neurosurgeons. Reach out to Sales for a complete schedule of subscription rates in addition to hourly rates, reactive review rates, and more.

How long does it take to complete an FQHC peer reviews?

Most reviews are completed within two weeks, with a 6-8 day average turnaround time.

What specialties does Medplace have for FQHC peer reviews?

Medplace has over 130 specialties represented in our national network of experienced, practicing providers. If you need something specific, just contact our Clinical Operations team. If we don't already have it, we can often find someone highly qualified within about a week.

Can I also get in-depth reviews from Medplace for unforeseen events like mortalities or risk assessments?

Yes! We also offer a Readiness Reviews subscription plan starting at $500/month that includes 4 discounted reviews per year, record organization, access to 700+ medical experts, and unlimited review submissions at standard pricing.