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Peer Review Subscription Pricing

Readiness Reviews


/ month

In-depth reviews. Ideal for rapid reaction to unforeseen events.

What’s included:

4 Discounted Reviews Per Year

Up to 16% Savings

Records Organization

Access to Over 700+ Medical Experts

*Unlimited Review Submissions

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Proactive Reviews


/ month/per user

Ideal for compliance and proactive patient safety improvement.

What’s included:

Choose How Often (Annual, Bi-annually, Quarterly)

75% Off Readiness Review Pricing

1-Year License Per Provider

Access to Over 700+ Medical Experts

Ideal for Accrediting Survey Responses

I Need Proactive Reviews

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Want to try to platform for yourself before you talk to our team? Check out this interactive, self-guided demo to give you an idea of what to expect. Reach out to our team after the demo to get more details.

Read What Our Great Customers Say About Us

"Using Medplace has been great. I had a flurry of cases needing experts, and Medplace really streamlined my workload and took things off my plate. Plus, all the experts I've talked to have been high quality."

Shannon Conner
Litigation Specialist at BETA

"These are top-tier experts. Not only do they review clinical care, but they also identify risk management issues. Plus, the billing comes directly to us, so that's one less thing we have to pay counsel to do since it is billed directly from Medplace back to Gallagher Bassett."

Pamela Popp
Chief Risk Officer at Gallagher Bassett

"The reviews from Medplace are just so rich and detailed. They go beyond "Did the provider meet the standards of care, and were their medication choices correct." They also talked about the provider's documentation and communication. And the fact that this was from an unbiased eye, outside our facility, was really valuable."

Terri Schimmer
Risk Leader at Cherokee Regional Medical Center

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We understand the burden of med-legal work, so we designed services that make it the easiest part of your day. Medplace helps leaders do more with their existing teams.

Fast, High-Quality Work
Get med-legal work back in as little as 6 days with Medplace. Don't wait weeks or even months like old days.
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Whether you're on our subscription plans or ordering additional work, it's all flat-rate without any surprises.
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Streamline and scale your medical-legal business with Medplace. Use our centralized, user-friendly med-legal platforms to 3x your team's capacity.

Increase Efficiency
Give your team the power to 3x their capacity with our simple, powerful med-legal platforms.
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Get started in minutes without adding more bloat to your crowded technology stack.
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