Nov 20, 2023

Fostering a Just Culture in Healthcare with Medplace's Efficient Case Review

Claim leaders agree that a Just Culture prevents potential nuclear verdicts. Learn how Medplace makes it easy to foster a Just Culture using technology.

Leaders at top healthcare and claims organizations agree; Deny and Defend is not enough in today’s healthcare landscape. In the face of an adverse event, some organizations have previously denied claims at all costs, scapegoated providers, and tried to cover up wrongdoing, and the approach has backfired, resulting in devastating nuclear verdicts. For too long, the approach has created extended litigation, long claims cycles, and angry patient stakeholders.



The Benefits of a 'Just Culture'

A new strategy is gaining traction in healthcare; A culture of safety (sometimes called a Just Culture). Instead of shifting blame, the approach promotes early communication with patients and resolves claims early if possible. The benefits are impressive. Caregivers may be less inclined to hide mistakes for fear of litigation, and miscommunication can be resolved before it leads to treatment or legal complications. Overall, a just culture shows signs of promise, with organizations such as the American Nursing Association expressing support and continued development.

Culture of Safety Obstacles

Unfortunately, structural challenges stand in the way of implementing a just culture. First, organizations may not be aware of the “just culture” approach and are slow to adapt. Others may perceive the approach as cost-prohibitive, concluding that more frequent settlements must mean a greater allocated loss adjustment expenditure. And finally, inefficiency slows communication required for fast, early engagement that prevents claims.

The Easy Way to Build a Culture of Safety

Medplace's streamlined platform helps organizations around the country create a culture of safety by expediting case reviews. Ordinarily, claims leaders wait around fifty days or more after an adverse event to receive a completed case review.

Medplace's platform of over 700 experts across all specialties completes case reviews in 6 days or less, enabling medical professionals to promptly identify root causes, communicate with patients and their families, and implement corrective measures.

Furthermore, Medplace does not require any IT integrations or training for implementation. This approach makes it an easy way to create a culture of safety. While competing options may be cost-prohibitive, Medplace offers flat-rate, transparent pricing to make case reviews affordable. By expediting reviews using experts who give thorough, actionable feedback, Medplace aligns with values of transparency, accountability, and learning from errors. Fill out the form below to schedule a demo.

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Jerrod Bailey

Jerrod Bailey is the CEO of Medplace, an app built for healthcare, legal, and insurance industries to streamline their case and peer review processes. He holds over 20 years of experience in venture-backed technology companies and specializes in healthcare technology development and human-centered user experience design. Jerrod has helped launch over 100 technology start-ups, including corporate new ventures with American Express, Intel, and other notable names.

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